Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Blog Has Moved!

Hi guys!

Since I'm no longer trying to concentrate on my photography, and instead on my jewelry & bead business, I've moved my blog. You can find it on my website:

You'll find a button on the left hand side. Click it and it will take you to it! Also take come time to check out my site. It's still being worked on though, so don't judge too harshly!! =) I'd love it if you guys would keep up with me there.

I'm also on twitter! I finally understand what its all about! Lol.

Ok, well I think I'm going to go be creative for about an hour then go to bed. Night guys!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Quickie

Hi everyone!

Haven't posted in FOREVER! I recently completed my inter-state move about, what, 2 weeks ago now? Then pretty much immediately after getting here I got sick. Couldn't do anything for about a week. Now I'm busy trying to promote my jewelry making and supply business! My website is done...kinda. The layout is, but I still have to go in to adjust/add things.

I've made a few sales in my jewelry business. One from artfire, one from etsy, and one off e-bay! I kinda get a little thrill when that happens. Lol. I might be making another sale on etsy soon. Had someone contact me about some beads I'm selling. I think they want to buy them in a larger quantity than I have listed. So I adjusted the listing for them. I hope they end up buying them! =0)

Oh! I also wanted to say to all my KTT friends: Sorry I haven't been around!! Waaay to busy these days!! But keep in touch with me you guys! Through here, e-mail, whichever you want!

Samaya - if you read this, I know you mentioned a few times that you were battling with yourself to resist your earring addiction. Which pair where you eyeing? Might be willing to send you a pair (if they aren't too expensive to make!! Lol).

Ok ok, I've got to go to bed soon! Night night!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Jewelry Website & Other Things

Sooo I found someone to help me fix up my website, do logo designs, design business cards, letter head, etc etc, for me for an EXTREMELY good price. I've been looking around on the internet for web design...and damn it is expensive!! But this person, who's business is called New Shop Designs, does designing for artists who do handmade things (and others too), but she some how keeps the prices very low and very reasonable. I'm getting all I listed, plus a couple more things for 600. That's CHEAP! But so far she's sent me a sample logo and I love it! =)

Anyway, the way she's helping me set it up is going to save me money too, so I'm soooo glad that I ended up talking to her and having her do the designing. She said it will take about 10 days for everything to be done. But I have to finish paying her for it all before it'll go live. The awesome thing about her too is that she allows you to pay in installments for 3 months. You have to pay 33% as a deposit for the 1st payment though. I think it's awesome! Her site is If you're looking for a new layout for your site, or even your blog, NSD is an excellent choice!! I highly recommend it.

I'm also looking into cheap ways to take better photos of my jewelry. My pics just aren't cutting it right now. It's because I don't have all the necessary tools to make them look good. But I found a great tip online today to make a "photo tent" for about $15, rather than the professional photo tents that can range from $50 to $1000ish, depending on quality and what kind of kit you get.

Alright, I'm off for now. I'm going to go look for some inspiration for another piece. Lately I've been thinking of designing wedding jewelry, but I've got to educate myself on the latest fashions 1st.

TTFN (Ta-Ta for now!) =0)

Friday, April 17, 2009


So I have a website for my jewelry. Jenell's Jewelry. I don't really like it, so I'm still tweaking it. But if anyone out there knows anything about designing websites or know someone that does, PLEASE refer them my way. Lol. Or if anyone knows anything about Paypal...there's something with the shipping that I can't figure out how to do. Please check it out, make suggestions, point out errors, etc etc.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've started making jewelry and it is so much fun! I've already made about 6 or 7 pieces. You kind find the majority of them at Jenell's Jewelry. I have one or 2 yet to post on there. But take a look, let me know what you think, buy something if you're so inclined. ;) Anyway, just wanted to post that really quick before I go off to do...whatever it is that I'm going to do next...maybe eat some pie. =P

Ok, see you all later!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Rainbow (thanks Amy!) =)

Your rainbow is intensely shaded white, green, and blue.

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Jobless and Loving It

Hey all!

Sorry I've been away. Well, away from the computer for the most part. I was laid off from my job a little over a week ago and couldn't be happier. Seriously. I hated that job so much. I received a severance package, so it's all good. Probably will be moving in the next couple of weeks to Idaho, where my parents live, and looking for a new job there.

I'm going to try to get into jewelry making. It looks fun and interesting. I'm going to go to the craft store tomorrow to try to get some sort of starter kit. I'm interested in making earrings and necklaces. Seems like something I would like, but we'll see.

Oh! I've got some of my nature photos for sale at Check 'em out, let me know what you think, buy something! ;)

Anyway, I'll try to keep up more than I have been lately. Later! =)